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problems...as always - Astro Zombie
problems...as always
so, i had a relapse and that has been a pain in the ass.  i have been writing, it is so far the best cure for anything and i still dont have the guts to go to the doctor to get tested of bi-polar disorder.  moving out in about 2 months if all things go well and my parents said they will possibly co-sign for me and amber.  this month is our one year anniversary and i am hyped about it.  i need to go out and get her a gift for it - and on the midnight the 20th (our anniversary), we will be at barnes and noble for the release of harry potter and the deathly hallows.  *is excited*  i have become weight obsessed and this week i lost 10 pounds but i dont feel like it is enough.  im messed up, i admit it, but at least i eat healthy.  i want to lose 80 ponunds or so and that seems insane, i know, but i can afford to lose 80 pounds or more.  

going to get tmy first tattoo very soon - hopefully around my birthday of this year.  i am going to get a navigational star on the inside of my right wrist to cover some scars - after all, the navigational star symbolizes protection.  depending on how bad it hurts, i will be back for the second one about a year after the first one.  it will be violin f-holes on the back of my neck surrounded by celtic knotwork.  somewhere along the line i want to get something that symbolizes writing.

my family is driving me insane.  hopefully amber will call me soon and i will be able to leave their lovely presence.

hope everybody is well

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